Our Queens

Shimmershine Some Like It Hot aka Chilli


Below are pictured our now retired queens

Zawadi Eugenie

Sire: Newtons Duke    Dam: Zawadi Wydl

Zawadi Eugenie is a beautiful brown marble girl. She has at least 5 rich colour shades in her coat ranging from dark brown through mid and honey brown to dark and light gold. She has a wonderfully soft and silky coat as well as her mothers loving nature. She has proved herself to be an excellent mother and as we now know she carries the snow gene, capable of producing a range of coat colour and pattern.

She did well at show as a kitten gaining best of breed several times. She also obtained her 1st challenge certificate before she had her first litter. As a mother she has already shown she can produce award winning kittens. From her first litter, Jasiri Mister Bertie, having gained several first rosettes, was awarded Best kitten in show at the Bengal Cat club show 2011 and his sister Jasiri Lotus Blossom also did extremely well (see below).


Jasiri Lotus Blossom 

Sire: Llandar Coolhand Luke    Dam: Zawadi Eugenie

Jasiri Lotus Blossom (aka Lottie) is a beautiful AOC eyed Snow spotted girl. She has a lovely nature and a super soft coat like her mother. We watch to see how she develops. She will carry the marble gene from her mother so we hope she produces both snow spotted and snow marble kittens in time.

Lottie did extremely well at her first ever show, the Bengal Cat club show. She came first in her open class gaining Best of Breed and the Typha-Typhast cup c, was well placed in all her side classes and awarded the Suntouched cup for best overall snow kitten in show. Lottie has already produced award winning Brown Spotted and Brown Marbled Kittens.

Jasiri Miss Maisie

 Jasiri Chestnut Belle aka Bella


Bella is one of our home grown queens. She is a superb example of the less common marble coated Bengal. Her father was Imperial Grand Champion Seregon Basil Rathbone, also a Brown Marble Bengal, and mother, Jasiri Lotus Blossom, a beautiful Seal Mink Snow Spotted Bengal. She has a very loving nature and is also very vocal!Bella has a prestigious background pedigree and also carries for snow, so depending on the stud, has potential for a range of coat colour and pattern. We look forward to her first kittens towards the end of the summer 2014.


Jasiri Golden Girl (aka Gigi)


Gigi is our  new  queen for 2016. She is an outstanding example of the  rare  

Snow Marble Bengal. Her mother is Bella (Jasiri Chestnut Belle(see above)

and father CH.Spotticatz Maximus (a blue eyed Snow Spotted Bengal).She

is delightful and loving, active and vocal, you certainly know when she is

around. She has done extremely well on the show bench. Gaining 1st in all

classes entered in her first GCCF kitten show as well as Best of Breed and

1st and best of Breed in her first GCCF adult show. Her first TICa show as

an 8 month old adult was also memorable as she gained points from all her

show rings and was placed in 2 finals, more than sufficient for champion

status. Recently she has been spending time with Sunstorm Tribal Printz

(aka Fergus) and all being well we may see her first litter in April.