About our Cats

And why you should choose a Jasiri Kitten...

We Aim for the Best

We breed Bengal kittens carefully from top quality, award winning pedigree lines, aiming to produce excellent examples of the breed with temperaments to match. We are a small breeder, allowing us to give plenty of time to each and every kitten until they are ready to go to their new home. Only a few kittens a year will be available, seeking loving homes for them is our priority.

Home and Family

All our kittens are reared within the home as part of the family. Along with mum, they have a birthing and play room to themselves until they are old enough to explore the rest of the house.

They are handled and cuddled from day one to help socialize them, along with all the looking after and later teaching that mum does. As they become old enough to begin to explore beyond the birth house, the other cats are gradually introduced to the new members for brief supervised periods.

Attention to Bengal Cats needs

Our kittens have plenty of room to run jump and play. The playroom is equipped with a variety of cat toys, together with cat scratching posts that have resting ledges. They also hear a variety of radio stations to get them used to background household sound. All our cats and kittens are fed a premium diet.

After they have had their first vaccination, they are gradually introduced to the rest of the house and then the conservatory with the cat wheel. Now they will hear more household noises, spend more time with the other cats and get to know our golden retriever, Rosie. Our aim is for them to become confident kittens ready to adjust to their new homes.

Over to You


Our Kittens are able to go to their new homes from 13 weeks of age.

When they leave, they will be GCCF registered, vaccinated and have received worming and frontline flea treatment. They come with 4 weeks Petplan insurance, and I will provide a box of litter to get you started and some food that they are used to. We want our kittens to have as smooth a transition as possible to their new homes and we are always only a phone call away should you need any support.