About Us

Why I Breed Bengal Kittens


Hello, my name is Tricia Cosford and I live happily amongst the Marlborough downs in Wiltshire with a family of animals, my beautiful Irish harp, several radios and a piano! One of my sons helps me in caring for the kittens and most importantly in managing my website.

I decided to become a breeder of Bengal kittens, after discovering and falling in love with these stunning cats. We have always had wonderful and much loved cats in the family but the beauty and nature of Bengals make them stand out from the rest. They have incredibly soft pelts - some like silk to the touch and the glitter on their coats is amazing. They are also some of the most agile cats you will ever see and their acrobatics are a joy to watch. Endless hours of fun and pleasure and loving natures too!

Award Winning Kittens from Top Pedigree Lines


I chose for my first queen a beautiful brown marble kitten -Zawadi Eugenie- she has a prestigious pedigree, her father-Newtons Duke- was a GCCF & TICA Champion, and her great grandmother was the first Imperial Grand Premier in the Uk - Zawadi Swizzle.

We knew she could produce both brown marble and brown spotted kittens with the right stud and we are delighted to discover that she also carries the snow gene. She has proved to be an excellent mother and capable of producing stunning, award winning kittens, each with their own unique character.

Beautiful Kittens with Temperaments to Match


Her first born was a snow spotted kitten - Jasiri Lotus Blossom - she has already made a splendid start to her show career winning Best of breed and Best snow kitten in show at the Bengal Cat club show in July 2011 and we hope in time to breed from her also.

Eugenie's second born kitten was Jasiri Mister Bertie who we plan to be our show boy. He also made a fantastic start Winning multiple rosettes, 3 cups and awarded Best Kitten in Show at the Bengal Cat club show 2011.

Happy Healthy Cats, Bred within the Home


We must not forget Reuben, our neuter boy, who came as play companion to Eugenie and is worth his weight in gold as Uncle and general carer for the kittens. They love him to bits and his attention to them mean Eugenie can take a break as they are growing up.